Birds in Flight


There are birds inside of her today, joyfully lost in the forest of her long, soft hair.
They flutter inside her belly, so happy, knowing they are privy to a sacred, sacred place.

They sing their songs, which beam
like sun rays from her pores, bathing her skin
in the pleasure of their music
A gift, she knows, from them to her.

Today her eyes are discs of light, she breathes the scent
of centuries, her mouth
filled with the song of how sad and beautiful it is to live.


Her body is a blessed instrument,
here to serve.
It changes as the seasons do
as she gains wisdom,
heals scars,
and bit by bit,
remembers her Self.

* Many thanks to Gary Gray for the use of his beautiful photo of Snow Geese in flight inย Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. His website is here. *


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