To my Love on his birthday


I do not believe that I would ever forget her in these moments
Her size and her character
Her dirty fingernails and her smile, the way it looks with no teeth. The blond and whispy curls that grow longer on the left side of her baby head.
The way she squeals at him when they play, shaking her head so fast from side to side in an effort to do as he does.
US, the three of us, moving through our days together in love
crying laughing and hugging
Craving simplicity and discovering it because we live mostly in the essentials of our day to day.

I do not believe that I could ever forget how we are now, because I love now. I want to hold now in my heart forever- this love that is my world, my life, my pulse. A love that demands that I be myself in every moment, that I take care of me so I can show up for them.

Now is such a funny thing because it feels like it will never end and yet it always does- it becomes a memory- of that first date and those three words, that apartment this house and our daughter, our son and this LOVE- look at what this love creates, how it shapes us because we are willing, because we will never stop giving, because we know the fountain is within ourselves and endless.

How could I forget the way the dogwoods looked this year, the way she babbles in the morning or kicks her feet so fast when she likes something. How could I forget the cadence as he reads to her, the way we lay her down to sleep- I want to etch these things forever and ever.

I do not believe I could forget a single thing about them. I know their bodies and their voices, how they look when they are tired, how they love each other, how they love me, how I love them.

Little things do slip away sometimes, my love, but I promise to never forget. I love you, forever and always.


2 Replies to “To my Love on his birthday”

  1. This is the most wonderful thing I think you have ever written. I have ready it over and over again. Your joy makes my heart sing.

    Love, Momma

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