My Routine With a 4-Month-Old and a 17-Month-Old.

*Life is changing so rapidly that I wrote this post a week or two ago and our routine is already different. So for the sake of remembering and before it is completely outdated, I’m just going to leave it here!

I am writing this post for three reasons:

  1. Because I am insane and can’t focus so I figured that writing out what my days will look like will somehow help me. (update: It did! It helped to see where it needed some improving, which became totally obvious once I wrote and re-read the post a few times).
  2. Because when other people write posts like these I generally glean something helpful from them, and if just one person can do that I’ll be happy.
  3. Because I want to remember what this is like, and if I don’t write it down, I know I will forget!

So let’s talk about what our days look like. Days when I am alone with the kids and days when John and I are both home are significantly different, so I am going to focus on the days when it is just me and give a glimpse of the four of us at the end.


We generally get up around 7AM…or at least the babies wake up (wake each other up) around then. I try to stay in bed for a while as long as no one is cying. Occasionally I bring Amadeo in bed with me to nurse but those days are coming to an end because he is super fidgety. This morning I was woken up to the sound of Ana yelling “DAAAAA DA” at the top of her lungs, over and over. It was cute, and not so cute…because Amadeo was still sleeping and I could have slept a little longer…


(Sleep is the most precious commodity in our lives right now, followed by solitude and date night)

I usually go downstairs and turn on the heat and make Ana a bottle (which she is still drinking out of only because I haven’t left the house in weeks and I need to buy a couple sippy cups..). I put up a gate at the top of the stairs and we slowly begin the process of getting ready for the day. Everyone gets dressed and cleaned up, and I get the upstairs into relatively good shape (put away clothes, clean the bathroom, etc.).



I have actually come to love this part of the day (once I get past this initial fight to open my eyes and get out of bed) and as long as no one is screaming I make a point to enjoy getting ready. Some things I do first thing that brighten my day are:

-Light a candle and pull a Tarot card. I usually have the question in mind “what will it be helpful to focus on today?” I might get a minute to write down how I feel or what thoughts the card brought to mind. I have a very particular way of going about it so it is a nice ritual to get me going!

-TIGER BALM. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and this stuff is a great relief. Provided I haven’t just showered I usually rub some on my neck and shoulders and not only does it wake me up, but it feels sooo good.

-Hair and Make-up: I do this for me. Even if no one will see me, even if I don’t leave the house, even if John won’t be home until 6pm. It just makes me feel more put-together to put a little effort in to my appearance.

-Make the bed: I don’t know what it is about a made bed, but I feel so much better when at least that one thing gets done in the morning. It only takes two minutes and I don’t do anything fancy, but I swear I am a happier person when the bed gets made.

Once everything is in some semblance of order upstairs (or someone gets cranky and wants breakfast) we make our way down to the kitchen. I usually put on some music and make Ana and I breakfast, she plays and eats while I clean up and make coffee and generally entertain myself and the two of them.

**The best thing about this part of the day is that when daddy is home we all dance around the kitchen to our favorite songs together…if music is on and Ana catches even the smallest dance-like motion, she drops what she is holding immediately and demands that we pick her up and dance with her. Who could say no to that?**

After breakfast I get to cleaning up the rest of the house (if I haven’t already expended all energy…depends on how much sleep I’ve gotten) and then Ana and I have some kind of playtime (usually reading books or crawling around shrieking on the (ouch, hardwood) floor for a while. Naptime usually runs from 11-1 and most days I can get them both to sleep through most of it.


I realize that I am not mentioning Amadeo much in this overview, but rest assured that in between all the other things I am nursing him, Ana is trying to pull him on the floor to play with her, and he is with us while all of these things are going on. He still naps in the kitchen because it is warm and the oven fan provides white noise!


Sometime while they nap I sit on the couch in a daze, other times I try and get some work done. It is really satisfying on the days when I actually get something written or posted or any number of things accomplished. It makes all the other small and repetitive things (like laundry) much more bearable!

After naps we are back in the kitchen for lunch, and then we might go out (unlikely unless someone else is with us) or tackle some kind of project or play/do laundry/work out/get dinner ready. It’s really up in the air, because while I like routine, I abhor anything too scheduled and would rather go with what the day “feels” like to me.

John is usually home around 5, and lately since we are both trying to get a half-hour work out in every day (on the days that we are not zombified), I might feed Ana and finish dinner while he works out. Eating as a family is important to us but at this stage in the game and especially on weekdays, we eat together after Ana goes to bed at 6:30 or 7 so we can have some time together. Bedtime is a family affair most nights…our favorite book recently is “I Am Not Sleepy and I Do Not Want to go to Bed!” by Lauren Child. I am particularly fond of the tigers who drink pink milk with Charlie and Lola…

Lola-and-Tigers-800x450.jpg (800×450)

Often we spend the evenings watching a show or movie because we are too exhausted to do much else, and for me it is nice to be able to sit with Amadeo and nurse him for a long time. I actually love the end of the day when I get to sit down and eat some food, have a glass of wine, and relax a little bit. It doesn’t last too long though because I usually put Amadeo down to bed around 8:30 or 9, and get in bed right after he goes to sleep. If we are lucky, Ana will sleep through the night and Amadeo will only be up once or twice, but if we are unlucky there will be a crying child every hour. Last night was a lucky night!

On the days when we are all home together, suffice to say that my routine is pretty much demolished, and anything goes. There are cartoons, family meals, lots of playing, and the house somehow gets destroyed. I get a lot less done, but then again, we dance in the kitchen together. We try to give each other time to work or work out on these days, too, but it truly is a constant balancing act to make sure every one’s needs are met!


2 Replies to “My Routine With a 4-Month-Old and a 17-Month-Old.”

    1. God I hope so! It feels like it’s been forever! Also it feels like slow torture…fall into a deep sleep, get woken up…fall into a deep sleep, get woken up…over and over and over…

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