Chocolate Thief

The first time I gave Ana a nibble of my dark chocolate, I promised her that I would always share my chocolate with her, no matter what. Little did I know how often I would have to hold true to my promise! I eat my words, Ana eats my chocolate…

I usually have some at night, when I finally relax on the couch after the kids have gone to bed. That and a cup of tea are special things that mean a lot to me. It might sound like nothing but at a time in my life where it feels like very little is about me at all, I need little things and little reminders of who I am. And who I am, is a lover of tea and dark chocolate.


The thing that I want to remember about this is that most nights I get very sleepy very fast and so I go upstairs to bed and leave the chocolate out on the arm of the couch and the empty cup of tea on the floor or the table. In the morning, once we head downstairs there is usually a little (or a lot) of cleaning up to do, and so I focus on that and breakfast while Ana plays and Deo jumps in the jumpy thing.

I remember the chocolate at the exact time when I start to hear silence coming from the other room…and silence usually means Ana is getting into some kind of trouble. I run to see what’s up, at which point I catch Ana in varying steps of demolishing my chocolate. Keep in mind that when I share with her I usually bite her off a tiny corner and not much more than that. Then imagine the thrill for her, a big chunk in each hand, running fast away from me, stuffing it in her mouth! She gets really mad when I take it away.

Truly it has become kind of a game for us. A game that always ends in sharing mommy’s chocolate! ❀


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