Nourishing Happiness

Dear Readers,

Today I am finding small ways to nourish my happiness. While the babies nap, I take water and a sandwich outside and sit with the sun on my face. I stand and stretch, make a few phone calls to people I love. I chat and make plans to plant seeds with the neighbor- we haven’t seen each other’s faces since before the winter.

I don’t know where the point was in my life that to do some yoga became a necessity and not just a thing I did. Now it’s like…maintenence. On the days I let go by without it I become constricted, sore, and negative. I get headaches more often and have less to give to my family. It is knowing all this that is slowly coaxing me to make sure I get what I need.


I’ve said it before, but I must care for myself so that I can care for my family. I must take what I need so that I can give. Doing this, I can turn outwards to the world with what I have to offer. When I neglect myself, I am much more apt to turn in and only see disaster. At those times I have very little to give to the world.

This is my experience, but I have a feeling that it is not that different for other people. We all take care of ourselves in varying ways, but we must take care nonetheless. Otherwise, we are just shadows. Within those shadows is an unmistakable light, but it is our job bring out the brightness, to find the things that make it shine.

I used to think that there was one thing that would turn me on like a light switch. Now I find that it is many small things, and that everything in my life can brighten or dim the light. It becomes an exercise in deliberate choices.

For example: I choose to take the time to make myself lunch, because I will be able to think more clearly and I will have more energy for the rest of the day. I could choose to skip it because the effort to make it seems like a lot, but then I will be condemning myself to a much more difficult afternoon. In the moment, the choice to do the nourishing thing usually seems like the more difficult choice, but once I have done it, I am always glad I did and life is easier in the long run. When I take the β€œeasier,” less nourishing route, I am regretful of it because things are harder in the long run.

This may seem very simplistic, but I find it extremely helpful to notice small things like this.

What do you do to care for yourself? I would truly like to know.




6 Replies to “Nourishing Happiness”

    1. Music is a huge one! I listen to the “Rising Appalachia” Pandora station a lot right now. Lots of beautiful voices, blues/gospel/folk type music. And then something upbeat to dance around the kitchen to. I don’t ever get out much either, but it sure helps when my friends come over for coffee. Thanks for reading…Makes me want to compile some kind of “master list” of How We Take Care of Ourselves.

  1. Your idea of nourishing yourself is so important. You’ve inspired me to nourish myself πŸ™‚

    Yoga is a big one for me. Sadly, it’s become a bit of a chore for me. I have chronic pain, and if I don’t do yoga everyday, I suffer. But having to do it has meant yoga has lost its charm. I’m looking for ways to get that back.

    1. I can relate to that- I know I need it every day (I don’t know if it’s chronic pain or that my body has just taken a beating the last couple years from having babies- definitely helps chronic headaches though) but I still don’t get it every day. I resist the thing I know will help me in favor of (finally) sitting on the couch at night or any number of other excuses. What keeps me in love with the practice is going to a really good class. I have my own practice but it is never the same, and my discipline on my own is never as good as what I can achieve with a little help from a teacher and a room full of people, struggling and breathing right along with me. We can be alone, together. At home, small things like lighting a candle or arranging the space so it is really inviting make me want to roll out and stay on the mat. It is so cool that I inspired you to nourish yourself! That made my day.

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