On Paris

I stand with Paris

I stand with Beirut

But not one more than the other

I cannot cover my face in the flag of one

While knowing the same suffering happens right now under the flag of so many others.

This is human tragedy,

Our daily human tragedy.

Not only for our brothers and sisters who are like us, but the ones who we think are not like us, too.

The truth is, we are all different, we are all the same. People are people across towns and borders.

We cannot assemble a showing of virtual support for only France without knowing deep inside that we are choosing. We must doubt our own motives.

We call for “freedom” and “equality” and yet our actions fuel the fire that fires into a crowd. Hate spreads from where it starts.

No one wants to hear this.

A deep individual questioning must come before a great crowd moving. Fathers must teach sons to give care to others, and mothers must reach deep into the scar tissue of ancestors to demand the end of cycles that have caused so much harm.

Prayers for the whole wide world. 💙