Just Trim Around the Bush!?

A little anecdote before I settle in on the couch for the night with some Peaky Blinders (new season, FINALLY!) and an amazing salad.

Things have been tougher than normal around here. Maybe I’ll get into it in another post, or a vlog if I finally manage to post something up. Life with two toddlers is not easy, no matter the circumstance, and things like yardwork can seem extra stressful sometimes, mostly because there is so much to get done in a day! But optimism, friends, optimism.

Okay. Pessimism has it’s place, too. We were hot, sweaty, tired, arguing, making up & arguing again. Taking out frustration on the yard. (Thanks, yard. Thanks for taking it all and still holding us up. I thought about that a lot today – that we simply have faith in the earth to continue to hold us up). Anyways, I was almost finished with the lawn when another overgrown bush got in my way, and so I went and got some clippers, and just whacked away. When I was done, I stepped back to admire my handiwork and ran over to John with tears in my eyes.

“Babe, I’ve ruined it. I ruined another bush.” I was so mad at myself for yet again, hacking another bush probably half to it’s death. It was so pretty before I got to it!

After I took a little time out and he went to assess the damage, he returned with some wise words that just really sounded like a metaphor for life. “You know, it’ll work better if you just trim around the bush instead of chopping it off at the base…”

Apparently, this whole time I’ve been trying to prune bushes by chopping off major branches. I cut all the way down at the base, as close to the ground as I can. The bushes end up lopsided and unhappy.

Do you see the metaphor? That rather than hacking off the limbs (our problems: people, habits, weight, family, jobs, etc…) it may be wise to consciously trim. To slowly & carefully cultivate our bushes (lives) until they resemble something even more beautiful than they were to begin with.

Next time I’ve got a problem, I’m going to sit back with a good ol’ pair of felco’s and examine until I know where to trim. 😉




Gap Casting Call…I submitted Deo! & What I Consider a Food Success!

I swore I’d never do these things…but c’mon, he just looks like a Gap kid. I’ve been wearing Gap clothing my whole life…”brand loyalty” is a real thing. Plus, this kid BEGS for the spotlight.

What I won’t do is post things on Facebook that are like “Vote for my kid!” “Vote for my kid!” Because that’s annoying. At least I think I won’t do that. No…I definitely will never do that. Kind of like how I will never enter my kid into a contest.

Onto other news, I still haven’t figured out how to use Windows Movie Maker, and I’m not doing so hot on sticking to scheduled posts. I do like the idea of “Mental Health Mondays” and “Food and Fitness Fridays” (I can’t figure out a good Wednesday post…maybe I could just aim for two a week for now. Or, Vlog Wednesdays! That could be the video day. Probably these musings should be relegated to my notebook.) Friends, any tips or ideas you have will be SO appreciated!

Onto Food & Fitness Friday. I want to talk about two things: Flipping Tires and What I Consider a Food “Success.”

Flipping Tires: Makes me feel so badass. I experienced this for the first time recently at a YMCA group fitness challenge, and I just wanted to do it allllll day. Call me crazy. It works the whole body and gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Food “Success:” For me, this means that I get in 3 meals and two snacks every day. Each snack must include a bit of protein, each meal has a fruit or vegetable. Since my life is so hectic, these smalls feats are HUGE things. I don’t stress. I try to keep to normal portion sizes (like what it says on the label, or the internet). At the end of the day, if I have accomplished this, it means that I have not experienced extreme crashes of hunger by going too long without eating, and that I have nourished my body so that things like flipping tires are possible!

Sorry for the randomness of this post, just wanted to get an update in! Follow along on social media sites if you want to see what we are up to this weekend!



Mental Health Monday: When you start to feel like you are twisting things, watch this.

Hi amigos…A quick musing for your morning coffee time:

This woman is amazing. I am blown away by her matter-of-fact attitude regarding anxiety and depression. I have struggled for so long, knowing that how I feel isn’t right, but reluctant to seek help (especially pharamcuetical) because I felt so ashamed. I think “I am weak,” “I should be able to handle this myself,” “It will pass,” “If I do ___, I will feel better.” If you, like me, think those thoughts, LISTEN TO HER:

Exciting News!

I have a whole bunch of exciting news, so here it is…in order of importance, of course!

First, Ana has started letting me do her hair! This is a whole new world for me and one that I have been patiently awaiting. I have tried to do it ever since it was long enough but she genuinely hated it, and I didn’t force it (much) because it obviously bothered her. So, here’s to the first of many awesome hair-do’s and french braids! The pigtails are my favorite:

Ana's Pigtails

OK! Now for some blog-related news. In case you haven’t noticed, the blog is getting a makeover…I’ve changed themes, updated the categories, and finally purchase the domain! We are officially bunnyandtheguy.com!!

I have also set up social media sites and a YouTube channel. Nothing is finished yet, so if you click on the icons and they don’t work – don’t despair, I’m working on it.

The next step is to brainstorm a calendar and get on a schedule for posting – both blogs and videos. I have been wanting to vlog for a long time and I’m going to start experimenting…so exciting! We’ll see how it goes.

And on one more positive note, I wanted to share this quick story. We are lucky to have lovely neighbors…this is a story of true neighborly love and kindness.

When the older gentlemen down the street dropped by this morning to bring me some mail he found of ours in his mailbox, we visited for few minutes to catch up. I told him that we were taking it easy today because John has had to work nights this week and our routine is all thrown off – I’m beat. We all are. Several hours passed and as I was writing this blog, he just dropped by with a pizza and a bottle of wine “so we could relax and enjoy the night!” I am overwhelmed by his kindness, it is proof of the love and beauty in this world.

Pizza from Grandpa Tony