Just Trim Around the Bush!?

A little anecdote before I settle in on the couch for the night with some Peaky Blinders (new season, FINALLY!) and an amazing salad.

Things have been tougher than normal around here. Maybe I’ll get into it in another post, or a vlog if I finally manage to post something up. Life with two toddlers is not easy, no matter the circumstance, and things like yardwork can seem extra stressful sometimes, mostly because there is so much to get done in a day! But optimism, friends, optimism.

Okay. Pessimism has it’s place, too. We were hot, sweaty, tired, arguing, making up & arguing again. Taking out frustration on the yard. (Thanks, yard. Thanks for taking it all and still holding us up. I thought about that a lot today – that we simply have faith in the earth to continue to hold us up). Anyways, I was almost finished with the lawn when another overgrown bush got in my way, and so I went and got some clippers, and just whacked away. When I was done, I stepped back to admire my handiwork and ran over to John with tears in my eyes.

“Babe, I’ve ruined it. I ruined another bush.” I was so mad at myself for yet again, hacking another bush probably half to it’s death. It was so pretty before I got to it!

After I took a little time out and he went to assess the damage, he returned with some wise words that just really sounded like a metaphor for life. “You know, it’ll work better if youΒ just trim around the bush instead of chopping it off at the base…”

Apparently, this whole time I’ve been trying to prune bushes by chopping off major branches. I cut all the way down at the base, as close to the ground as I can. The bushes end up lopsided and unhappy.

Do you see the metaphor? That rather than hacking off the limbs (our problems: people, habits, weight, family, jobs, etc…) it may be wise to consciously trim. To slowly & carefully cultivate our bushes (lives) until they resemble something even more beautiful than they were to begin with.

Next time I’ve got a problem, I’m going to sit back with a good ol’ pair of felco’s and examine until I know where to trim. πŸ˜‰




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