On Friendships and Being a Parent

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friendships lately. They have inevitably changed since I had children, but more than ever they are a source of great happiness for me. Some of them have been there since the beginning and some of them have only recently entered the picture, but all of them are so important.

I spoke up recently about the guilt I have about my friendships…I want toΒ be thereΒ more. I want to be more involved in my friends lives. I often feel like they are giving me more than I am giving them, because the truth is that my primary concerns are always centered on Ana, Amadeo and John (and myself!). I go to my friends for a break from real life, rather than living real life along with them…and maybe that’s the big change that comes as we all become adults. Ten years ago, we ate, slept, and breathed each other’s daily existence – now we are all busy and living our lives, going to each other during the little moments when we can make time.

So for my friends, I may not be as available as I once was (though I’ve never really been so great at the phone, we can all agree on that) but I want you all to know that you are permanently woven into the web of my days. I think of you often.

Friendship Is

…Reading out loud to me while I cried in a Manhattan park (Charlie)

…Never giving up on writing me emails (Bob)

…Being there for life’s big moments (Bess)

…Experiences that tie you close for life (Cassi Jo & Julie)

…Six Flags as the start of something lifelong (Amanda)

…Sharing the daily struggle and the joyful small moments (John)

…A woman named Jolene (Jolene)

…Keeping in touch across decades (Taylor)

…Secretly listening to Alanis Morrisette (Alicia)

…Whiskey and cigarettes at Worden’s Pond (Lacey)

…An incredible conversationalist (Charlotte)

…Laughter since birth (Michael)

…Picking up where we left off (Liz)

…Being unsure of our lives, together (everyone)



One Reply to “On Friendships and Being a Parent”

  1. Tequila and rain storms, wine-nicks on the beach, the Grand Canyon, the first Amadeo, New Orleans where our underwear is forever in the street, Davey from the Navy… I could go on forever. I couldn’t do this life without our friendship.

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