Summer/Fall Update – Thank God for Television?

I miss my blog! I have an article due today that I have just not been able to write, and every time I open the laptop to work on it I distractedly click over to my small and neglected piece of the internet. So here I am, posting a little something because today it finally feels like I must. I’ve never, ever been able to force it.

Lately, most of the days are wonderful and some of the days are incredibly frustrating. Today is a frustrating day. This is infinitely better than when I had mostly frustrating days and the occasional wonderful one. I am so grateful.

It’s been one of those days…

I am also cognizent of the fact that it is frustrating almost entirely because we are all exhausted. We’ve been doing a stellar job not overdoing it lately (it doesn’t take much to overdo it), but last night we were up late with our friends who had been staying with us. They were packing and we just had to get in as much time together as we could! So I went to bed at midnight and then we were all up bright and early at 5:30am. Combine that with my children who woke up a combined four times in between 12 and 5…you’ll see that none of us got any quality rest. On top of it, the kids seem to be coming down with something and have been whining and fighting all day. Right now, they are sitting together on the couch, eating Nature Valley granola bars (or the imitation ones from Aldi…my new favorite store) and drinking OJ. They are watching TV. I am SO thankful for television sometimes…and I was adamant before I had kids that my children would never watch TV. Ha!

Watching TV
It sucks them riiiight in

Here’s what we’ve been up to these last few months…

We took our first family vacation to Prince Edward Island! It was an incredible trip. It was a long drive to a little cottage on the North Shore of PEI and a simple, simple trip. We barely looked at our phones, we ditched all routines, we walked and drove and laughed and watched Harry Potter movies, and we had a couple of lovely friends from North Dakota come and stay (and treat us to some amazing seafood!). Ana turned three while we were there…she made and frosted her own chocolate cake 🙂 Here are a few photos…all the best ones are on John’s phone, so maybe one of these days I’ll pull them off and get around to a more detailed post about our trip!

When we came home summer was winding down and it was time for school to start…I had signed Ana up for preschool in the Spring because she made the cut-off (September 1st) by about a week…meaning she was probably the youngest kid there. We tried it out for a couple of weeks – every morning, 5 days a week, three hours at a time…it just got to be too much. Plus, my girl kept telling me that she didn’t like it and that she wanted to “stay home with mommy,” so after minimal fretting we made the executive choice to just take her out. She can go next year! I am so SO glad that I followed my gut feeling instead of continuing on with something that didn’t feel right for us.

I’ll tell you what was the most unsettling about the whole preschool experience. Nothing was wrong with the school or the teachers or anything they were doing. Nothing was wrong with Ana, in fact I’m sure she would have adapted to her new routine with some more time (I am, however, sure that keeping her home was the right choice for everyone). What I found was that suddenly our family seemed to be going in the very direction we aim to avoid…the busy, faced-paced, schedule-filled direction that does not jive with us and the type of lives we would like to lead.

It’s got me thinking…a lot. None of these are new thoughts or feelings, but the pull is stronger. The pull to lead a different sort of life. Where time – together and alone – is the ultimate commodity. Where we aren’t (as) influenced by the desires of this world. By the drive that says “more!” “go!” “push!” “succeed!” I know, in the depths of my soul, that I want a life that is slower. A life that focuses on family. A life that is more focused “within” than “without.” A life that is hand-made. A life…maybe a life without TV? Eh, that might be a stretch 😉

Anyways, I wanted to get these thoughts down here so that I can begin to expand on them little by little. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!






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